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More of the Same…Rain

August 19th, 2013 pvfont13

If there is one thing that is a given in the Philippines it’s that August means rain.  Unlike most of the world, the Philippines has only 2 seasons: Wet and Dry.  The Wet, rainy season, historically lasted from June to August but due to recent developments, the rainy months have extended from August to November.  The rainy season is no joke.  If you recall from my posts last year, I was cut in the maelstrom of a tumultuous typhoon, which claimed the lives of nearly 60 people and displaced hundreds more.  It drastically alters the normal flow of daily life here.  Schools are closed, people telecommute, and appointments are postponed.  And yet, rain is commonplace in this country, a feature as distinctive as the language, cultural traditions, and food of the Filipino people.

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