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Back on the Hill for the View

May 21st, 2014 pvfont13

After a month of readjustment to America, I finally made my way up to the Hill from home.  I admit I picked a rather odd time in Senior Week but in many ways it is rather fitting.  It was a year ago of this same week that I left the Hill.

Walking up and down this famous Hill, I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on the things that could have been during my time at Holy Cross: the academics could have been stronger, I could have done more activities, and most importantly I could’ve gotten to know people better, but I have equally been focused on what I have accomplished on the Hill.

Holy Cross left a profound foundation that serves as my mantra.  Ever since partaking in my Montserrat, World Religions and Music in the Global Cluster, my mission has been to be a more conscious global citizen.  From my concert experiences, I have been driven to discover as many new world musical traditions that I can.  With a Holy Cross’ definitive Jesuit foundation, I have found music as a means to work for social justice.  Everything from instrument materials to performance practice reveals the little nuances that define and mold a culture and people, little intricacies that allowed this D.C. suburbanite to learn to play the music of people a world over.  Music has become more than an academic subject for me; it has become a conduit to understand the human experience.  And I honestly don’t know a place where these things could come together better than at Holy Cross.

For any of you awesome seniors in the class of 2014 reading this blog, congratulations!  You’ve made it.  After a year in the real world, it really isn’t so scary.  You’ve created your own foundations that will serve you in the real world and take you to incredible heights.  Although you may not see it now, Holy Cross will take you places that you cannot even fathom.  Don’t worry about what happens in the upcoming months, stay true to what you’ve learned on the Hill. Chu Chu Rah Rah!10342509_2571360483123_8104360736167512244_n


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