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August 16th, 2012 pvfont13

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to see Intramuros for the first time.  This small section of Manila (the real city Manila, not the Metro Manila) is famous for being the last place where influential writer and thinker, Jose Rizal was held.  Jose Rizal remains one of the Philippines’ most notable heroes for his work to reform life in the Philippines.  His work was so controversial it ultimately led to his execution by Spanish officials in 1896, 2 years prior to the Spanish American War and the Philippines eventual independence from Spain and annexation by the US.

Intramuros has very impressive Spanish architecture and layout in the buildings and roads.  Prominent are Kalesas, horse drawn carriages to give a historic feel.  I thought it was interesting to see a vast area like this compared to the U.S.  Most historic colonial locations in the U.S. with big expanses are often far from the city or even the suburbs.  Intramuros is a colonial heritage site right in the middle of a vastly dense urban area.

Unlike Williamsburg, Virginia, people dressed in re-enactor clothing are scarce, only police dress up.  I was fortunate enough to get a picture with two, proudly wearing one of my favorite Holy Cross t-shirts.

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