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“Drying Out”/The Best Starbucks

August 26th, 2013 pvfont13

Last week brought torrential rains in Typhoon Maring, launching states of calamity across the region and devastating hundreds of households.  (,000-evacuate-metro-manila)

Because I am staying in an elevated area, I was quite fortunate and spared a lot of the grief that these horrible storms offered.  I was forced played the indoors game and I did not leave the apartment for nearly 4 days.  That took a slight toll on my mental psyche.  For my mental recuperation, I decided to venture to one of my favorite quick destination spots outside Manila, a town in the neighboring province of Cavite called Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is home to a spectacular view of a dormant volcano, Taal Volcano, and its surrounding lake, Taal Lake.  In my past experiences, the best view of the volcano and its lake is from where else but a Starbucks.  However venturing to Tagaytay was not easy.  There was heavy traffic and heavy rain, nearing flood conditions all along the way.  When I finally got there, it was still raining heavily and the Starbucks was crowded.  To make things worse lightning was really close and the rain clouds covered the view of the volcano (Best place to be during a thunder storm is an elevated position holding a cell phone and camera).  However, I went with what I had and took a few snapshots of the best Starbucks with a view but on the worst possible day to do it.

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