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Busy first week

July 24th, 2013 pvfont13

The first week in a new country is always hectic and eye opening, even after an extended stay there are things that are bound to make life a little more fun.  But this first week was as advertised busy but manageable.  I was able to handle the orientation process as a Fulbright scholar no sweat.  After 2 days I got settled in moving from the hotel to my current residence.  In between that time I was busy sending multiple emails, calling people I hadn’t seen for a long time, and adjusting to the intense 12 hour difference.

During my first week, I also managed to go to a gathering of Holy Cross alumni and students hosted by Amb. Harry Thomas ’78.  It was great seeing Holy Cross folks in the first week especially Amb. Thomas who I learned so much from during my internship at the U.S. Embassy last summer.  I also got to say hello to Jeff Reppucci ’14 who is interning this year with the U.S. Embassy and my good friend since freshman year, Sandro Silva ’13.

Coming down from the acknowledgement of my post-undergraduate life, I realize more everyday that Holy Cross is the best company you keep.  I’ve been out of college for 2 months, but it feels like my days on Mount Saint James are closer than an echo.  I’m still talking about the things that I learned in classrooms, in the music studio lab, and the WCHC radio station.  I’m tremendously proud of having gone through the Hill and back.

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