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8-7-12 the Great National Capital Region Flood

August 7th, 2012 pvfont13

It’s typhoon season!  The entire NCR (National Capital Region) is swamped with rampant flooding due to torrential rains.  It’s almost biblical.  To get bread and drinking water, I waded through water that was up to my knees and rising.  Almost everything here is at a standstill.  I think it’s been raining for about 20 hours with most rain averaging 2-5 inches an hour.

Much of the main street in Pasay City, Roxas Boulevard, was under water.   That doesn’t mean things are at a complete standstill.  7/11 and local fast food favorite Jollibee were open for business.  It’s strange to see daily activity still go on in this weather.

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