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Learn Tagalog: Ano ba yan?

July 23rd, 2012 pvfont13

Ano ba yan’s most literal translation is whatsup.  But given the right usage, this short and sweet phrase can be the most versatile Tagalog phrase for anyone.  Other than “whatsup?”  Ano ba yan can also mean: what is this? who’s that? why are you doing that? what is this for? This is not the case in English with whatsup, if I were to make a gesture to a meal selection and said whatsup, the intended effect is lost.  This is not the case in Tagalog.

I’m finding Ano ba yan to be my favorite Tagalog phrase, on average I hear it more than any other Tagalog phrase.  It’s versatility astounds me.  Young and old people will use it; it may be suitable for a professional environment.  It is a good way to show someone your newfound Tagalog language skills.

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