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June 16th

July 17th, 2012 pvfont13

For about a day, my mother and I were able to go to Dumaguete, a medium sized city in the middle section of the Philippines, known as Visayas.  Dumaguete is a coastal city that attracts tourists for its coastal views and sea air.  Its roads make it notable for being the motorcycle capital of the world.  From first hand experience, I could tell.  While riding in my cousins’ sedan, we were the only car on the road!  The local dialect is Cebuano, a slightly different Austronesian language that encompasses much of the middle section of the Philippines, but Tagalog, the dominant language of the North is still prominent.  Dumaguete is also very important to me as it is my father’s hometown.  We were able to visit his many alma maters, including Siliman University.

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